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Rebirth Workshop group show

Every spring we help host a photography workshop / retreat at The Shack Up Inn located just outside of Clarksdale, Mississippi.  As part of this year’s curriculum attendees were asked to create one image to be part of a gallery opening on the last night of the retreat.  They were given a loose topic of “transformation” and asked to use that in guiding their decisions.

The majority of the show was photographed, edited, printed, framed, and hung in just four days.  Prints range from digital pigments to palladium to polaroid to tintype to mixed media.


Participating photographers:

Carol Ward: Baltimore, MD

Dean Deming: Reno, NV

Ellen Rodgers: Jackson, MS

Robert Norman: Trumball, CT

Jessica Del Vecchio: Washington, DC

Thom Bennett: New Orleans, LA

Frank Myers: Raleigh, NC

Julia Bailey: New Orleans, LA

Kate Passaro: Rockland, MA

Michael Foster: Oxford, MS

Sarah Hodzic: Washington, DC

Euphus Ruth: Greenville, MS

Shari Zellers: Atlanta, GA

Sue Ryan: Ida, MI

Ryan Burney: Baton Rouge, LA

Chris Pike: Hattiesburg, MS

Will Jacks, Cleveland, MS

Chris Williams, New Orleans, LA

To learn more about the Rebirth Workshop & Retreat, click here.