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Pertra & Other Pictures: wetplate collodion photography by Euphus


Euphus Ruth, Jr. was born in Texas in February of 1957 but was raised in the hills of north Mississippi from age two. He is a self taught photographer living in the Mississippi Delta for the past thirty years focusing exclusively on black and white film and collodion wetplate photography using vintage cameras and lenses. He enjoys the complete photographic process from visualizing the image through the ground glass to the final print or plate in the darkroom. Working and creating with the wetplate process has enabled Ruth to portray moods and emotions from his mind’s eye.


Artist Statement

 Many of these hand-made wetplate collodion photographs on glass and aluminum  come from a series I made in 2010 titled “When Doors Become Walls” which symbolizes blockage, decay, endings, loss, neglect, and ruin. They are reflections of how our society tends to abandon, erase, forget or move away from habitats, memories, people and ways of life in search of something supposedly better, often in the name of progress. The Wetplate Collodion Photographic process I use is another example of what modernization and technological advancements do to push away tried and true methods. Modern society, corporations, technology, politicians, some religious leaders and the media try to impress upon us that newer is better or “their way” is the best way. They are often successful.

What remains is abandon and loss . . . a farewell to the past . . . a reclamation by nature.

Euphus Ruth