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Eudora Welty: 27 Portraits



September 12 – October 25

Opening Reception:  Thursday, September 12, 6-8 PM


It’s hard to add any new information to the life and work of Eudora Welty.  There are experts and scholars that know far more than I do about the specifics of both.  I am an admirer, learning more everyday about her amazing life.  What I do know floors me, and inspires my own creative pursuits.  She was a woman of great authenticity and empathy.  She was brave and persistent.  Most of all, she was present.

The images in this show reflect those traits.


These portraits were made very early in Eudora’s career.  They were printed by her, in a small, basic darkroom set up in her kitchen.  They are imperfect in technique – her skills as a printer were not advanced, and her tools were even worse – but that is what makes them stunning.  It is what makes them undeniably “Eudora”.  Her commitment to creative pursuits and a fierce desire to learn more about the world around her shine in these photographs. They say – as all great images do – as much about the photographer as they do about the photographed.  They are human.  In technique.  In subject.  And in creator.  Through these images we see the beginning of a brilliant career, and realize that every journey starts somewhere, even if we’re not quite sure where it is headed.


~wj / 2013


Many thanks to the generosity of The Eudora Welty Foundation for making this show possible.